After a lot of bitching and moaning to friends, family, and anyone else who would listen I am finally setting up this post. It will mainly serve as a place to put my thoughts, rants, insights, and whatever else I might think could be interesting to someone – or not. As you may have figured out from the name – much of what I will probaly write about will be of a social-political nature. We find ourselves living in a time where the political pendulum has swung far and wide and much of the mainstream media seems to be more biased than I have seen before. I am not opposed to change or new ideas nor am I necessarily opposed to the current administration. However, I do see many of the values and beliefs I have as an American being manipulated and destroyed. There isn’t a balance of representation in the government – there isn’t an honest debate. I am disturbed by the constant stream of propaganda and think that stirring up support through populist anger is egregious. I don’t believe that this is what people thought they were voting for or what the country wants. I am open to others’ opinions and ideas. My beliefs aren’t set in stone. I am not necessarily right-wing or left-wing. Fiscally – I am more conservative. Socially – I am a bit more liberal.  I think business is good and believe that most business owners do the right thing. I believe governments should have a limited role in the lives of it’s citizens and exist primarily to ensure the freedoms, safety and opportunities of it’s citizens. My hope is that we can move closer to that ideal instead of away from it.